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Bluebell BeadsWelcome to Bluebell Beads and our shiny new website. It is still in construction so please bear with us.

I love the excitement of starting something new. I hadn’t appreciated that I have entrepreneurial spirit but since leaving a 9-5 I am always looking for ways to create work that fires me up. Bluebell beads meets all my needs and hopefully yours. I love making jewellery, it allows me to be creative and developing Bluebell Beads allows me to share that creativity with others.

I have been running workshops and parties through my sister business Basing Beads as well as working on commissions. The commissioned work will continue with Basing Beads but I felt that the parties deserved their own brand. Bluebell Beads’ name was inspired by the beautiful spring flower – my favourite of all the spring flowers.

Through Bluebell Beads we offer parties and workshops for children and adults alike as well as after school and social clubs. I am also really excited to welcome Caroline Storey into the fold who will be offering Bluebell Bead parties in the South Coast region whilst I continue to deliver parties in the South East area.

I really look forward to bringing Bluebell Beads to you – please do get in touch to see how we can make yours a perfect party.

Vicky and Caroline


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